Sojournalism: The Summer Articles

by Sojourn

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Solo debut album on the Hip-Hop is Music imprint. This is the culmination of years of experience and work.


released September 15, 2009

Production by Supreme Keys (track 1); Sojourn (2, beatbox on 6, 7, 14, 16); Oh No (3); Ruslan of the Breax (4); Choice 37 (5); PNS (8); Theory Hazit (9, 11); Dert (10, 13); S1 (12); Soulution (15). Cuts by DJ Rip One (track 3); DJ Spark (7, 11, 16); DJ Idull (10).



all rights reserved


Sojourn California

Sojourn has laced tracks & verses for other artists including Braille, Ohmega Watts, Theory Hazit, Blame One, Ras Kass and Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship.

Since the release of his debut solo album Sojournalism: The Summer Articles he's partnered with Illect Recordings & started working on his upcoming beat tape titled Tabula Rasa and an EP titled The Dark Room.
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Track Name: Get Back
Sojourn for Sojournalism Music, ASCAP
Track Name: Solutionists feat. Sivion & Surreal
We don't complain 'bout the game & what ruins it/ We ARE the change we wanna see/ Solutionists; In the heart & mind is where revolution is/ and in life and on mics is where we show & provin' it!
Track Name: Definitely Special
I told a brother that I found the key to wedlock, it's understaning/ Gotta have that one and this is how it all began...
I saw you in between classes, the scene flashes before my syanpses/ My heart nearly collapsed when you walked by.
I asked myself 'why would I want to proceed?' When you were obviously out of my league, or soI believed.
But received a repreive from that age old rejection line;
Asked you how you were doin' and you said 'fine.'
I said 'I know!' You laughed, it was genuine never hollow; That gave me the green light to go forward with what was to follow.
The plan was to make myself your man and in your eyes I saw my future children, in mine you saw your husband.
But back then it was just all too much to fully comprehend, two souls started the odyssey to blend.
Since then it's been, our story, the story of us;
Through the grace of God it becomes more and more glorious...

We've done had our ups and downs and far more to go/
God willing we will experience more highs than lows.
And everybody knows this life is peaks and valleys\
on a road not always rosy or paved.
Still we brave the elements to engrave our love in the pages of time; It's amazin' to find your soulmate, cause I found mine, y'all!
Cats can diss if they wish but they secretly fish to catch
Their match not yet met; using the wrong net.
Get your sights set on things above first
Love works eternally, it never fails even when we grow frail...Always love will prevail.

I told a brother that I found the key to wedlock, it's understanding;
And when you accept who you are it starts expanding.
Our love is one that over time has grown/
Past the infatuation stage to maturation.
Age and time are factors, and STILL I'm captivated by the beauty that truly had me open before you knew me.
Before I knew me, before we would come to know each other for real, beyond the boundaries where love is revealed.
I feel blessed and proud to have you by my side/
And call you my wife for the entire ride of life.
You inspire me to reach for higer heights so we
can ascend together as one forever.
Or at least until we transition from this life to the next,
I breathe you in until I'm breathless.
Or at least until we transition from this life to the next,
I breathe you in 'cause you are (cause you are)...
Defintely Special...